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(An interesting furniture design piece I wanted to share)


Functionality, design and comfort are usually the parameters for people’s choice of furniture. Alternatively, artistic merit is another preference for those art-minded people who want to acquire beautiful pieces to encourage designers, especially ones who have done something memorable. Konstantin Achkov is an imaginative Bulgarian designer who has redesigned the structure of furniture. In his alterations, people view furniture as more than a single entity; it is also a sum of its parts.


Stack Table


His titled Stack furniture collection was unveiled at the Sofia Design Week from 1-8 June. This range is remarkable for it can be fitted together as you would assemble a puzzle box. The numerous parts of these furniture pieces have been specifically crafted to be shaped as one. The parts are united by puzzle joints, which can be slipped into slots without the use of glue or other fixings. Rather than concerning yourself with screws or wooden pegs, these slots erase the problems associated with putting together furniture.

The furniture pieces look complex, but it is assured that their setting up in your living room or patio is very simple. You buy it in a flat pack and place the finished product wherever you like in a matter of seconds. Some say it is also a fun exercise for those who like puzzles.

The collection features and assortment of furniture: A round table, chair, bar stool and armchair in attractive colors, and is capable of carrying weight of more than 200 kg. Its appearance is natural and slightly elaborate which exudes an old-fashioned charm.

Each piece is made from18 mm thick beech plywood, cut into the desired shape with a computerized router.

Achkov, a Sofia University graduate, intends to launch his own business called Tenon, giving a personal brand name to sell his work. Customer response is positive, with much appreciation directed at the ingenuity of the designer.