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A vivid mix of colors and print, a visual treat was what designer Nicole Miller unveiled in her spring / summer 2013 runway collection for New York Fashion Week. Miller introduced the collection as “Batteries Not Included”, an intricate union of 1980s surrealist art, sci-fi and water color derived prints. The palette was a tasteful assembly of teal, soft greys, pink, mushroom and blacks and white, and a few heavy pieces.

The outfits had a wide appeal; I imagine young women of different tastes will be attracted to the style on the runway. The collection alluded to femininity though its strength was the abstract designs and trendy shapes.

The tunics and some of the dresses had a nice free flow to them, and were designed in an impressive floral or abstract print that made them singularly striking. The colors had a special vibrancy to them that translated a fun, free spirit. Miller added the same sense of freedom to the jackets, giving them a relaxed shape. These jackets paired with a skirt in a similar color and a mixed patterned blouse created an admirable aura of casual sophistication. I loved the galaxy inspired patterns, but I have to say – the contrast of abstract and color has more panache, particularly on the stylish peplum dresses. Detailing was everything in the collection, if you look closely at the pictures; detailing such as beading and opposing print contributed to the overall look.

Finally, I was mesmerized by the flamboyance displayed by some of the dresses, mainly the ones with a sleek silhouette and multi-print panels. They did not appear loud, but stylishly mod. Another dress worth mentioning was the multi-print dress of pastel colors, stripes and flowers that was dress up with a chic leather jacket. It was wonderful combination of hard and soft.

Graphic by Josh Monje
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Nicole Miller SS13 Review