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A vivid mix of colors and print, a visual treat was what designer Nicole Miller unveiled in her spring / summer 2013 runway collection for New York Fashion Week. Miller introduced the collection as “Batteries Not Included”, an intricate union of 1980s surrealist art, sci-fi and water color derived prints. The palette was a tasteful assembly of teal, soft greys, pink, mushroom and blacks and white, and a few heavy pieces.

The outfits had a wide appeal; I imagine young women of different tastes will be attracted to the style on the runway. The collection alluded to femininity though its strength was the abstract designs and trendy shapes.

The tunics and some of the dresses had a nice free flow to them, and were designed in an impressive floral or abstract print that made them singularly striking. The colors had a special vibrancy to them that translated a fun, free spirit. Miller added the same sense of freedom to the jackets, giving them a relaxed shape. These jackets paired with a skirt in a similar color and a mixed patterned blouse created an admirable aura of casual sophistication. I loved the galaxy inspired patterns, but I have to say – the contrast of abstract and color has more panache, particularly on the stylish peplum dresses. Detailing was everything in the collection, if you look closely at the pictures; detailing such as beading and opposing print contributed to the overall look.

Finally, I was mesmerized by the flamboyance displayed by some of the dresses, mainly the ones with a sleek silhouette and multi-print panels. They did not appear loud, but stylishly mod. Another dress worth mentioning was the multi-print dress of pastel colors, stripes and flowers that was dress up with a chic leather jacket. It was wonderful combination of hard and soft.

Graphic by Josh Monje
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Nicole Miller SS13 Review

10 Best Sparkly Bodysuits on Celebrities ...
Fashion enthusiasts had a lot of good things to say about the style quotient in the Olympics closing ceremony. Jessie J and Mel B (aka Scary Spice) awed with their performances as they dazzled in their sparkling outfits. They were part of the celebrity trend of flaunting curvaceous figures in nude bodysuits embellished with sequins in strategic places. Some think the trend has been drawn out and overdone; others think it suits the celebrities’ onstage personas. Considering the stylish beauties who have strutted in the nude sparkly bodysuit, I’ll let you judge for yourself. Check out my list of top ten best sparkly bodysuits on celebrities, who make it look crazy sexy!
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7 Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt ...
What do Fashionistas love? Pencil skirts, for they compliment your figure and give you the appearance of height. They display a woman’s confidence and femininity. Pencil skirts are a way for a woman’s imagination to experiment with a variety of styles.celebrities and fashion magazines constantly showcase an array of skirts in a plethora of fabrics, prints, textures and colors. Get on top of this fashion trend and learn ways to wear a pencil skirt to look fabulous.
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Online fashion magazines expand the universe of fashion, presenting readers with sneak peeks into fashion shows, behind the scenes tidbits, informative blogposts and even fashion oriented videos. Fashionistas love to experience fashion, not simply the latest styles but the many ways it influences, inspires and rejuvenates. A subscription to an online magazine guarantees a spectacular show of color, designs and fantastic fashion coverage. Nothing is more fulfilling for a fashionista than sitting at home and browsing through an interactive magazine that allows him/her to comment, share and contribute.  Consumers are finding the online world more rewarding and enticing, and seeing the demand, an imaginative array of online magazines has emerged, catering to every pleasure. Here’s a list of the top ten online fashion magazines to satiate your taste.

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Designing print ads involves a lot of thought, imagination and planning. The ad has to be eye-catching to capture the reader’s interest, and then convey the message of the brand in a creative design. It is not enough for fashion print ads to feature stylish clothing to sell the product. Readers want to be entertained. They want to perceive a distinct value in the fashion ad that separates one fashion brand from the next. Each of the chosen top ten fashion ads are regarded as a clever depiction of the brands best attributes as well as the best showcase of the designers talent.

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Campaign

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Campaign

The campaign had two bewitching models, Raquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson caught in the motions of dancing while showing off the elegant designs of Alber Elbaz. Photographer Steven Meisel photographed the girls as they did hair flips and grooved gracefully to Pitbull’s “I know You Want Me ”. The background, a classy decorated apartment room, adds to the ambience of refined taste.

The girls look amazingly sophisticated, but also appear as if they are having fun. Readers are in awe of the model’s beauty, accentuated by Lanvin’s luxurious dresses. Fashionable accessories heighten their stylish appeal. The idea that they are dancing lends personality to these beautiful women. The ad exudes a blend of class and fun.

Roberto Cavalli F/W 11/12 Ad Campaign

Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Campaign

Three wonderfully talented models, Natasha Poly, Mariacarla Boscono and Karen Elson flaunted an eye-popping forest nymph style in this fashion ad. Shot by famous photographer duo, Mert & Marcus, the print ad sends a jolt down the viewer’s spine with the depth of its creativity.

These three models with an individual look (blond, brunette and redhead) represent the main elements, Earth, Wind & Fire. Each expresses stimulating feelings; wildness, sensuality and sweetness. Heavy makeup, smoky eyes and deep scarlet lips enrich their masquerade in the label’s lively gypsy collection.

A setting of vibrant colors radiates magic upon which these models shine. Though there is a vivid mix of color, the predominant one is red. According to the designer, the woodland setting extensively detailed with flowers, trees and scattered leaves created the mysterious and enchanted atmosphere, an impression of the Fall season, to best showcase the clothes. The illustration is suggestive of the typical exotic baroque style commonly associated with the Italian fashion house.

Herve Leger Spring 2011 Campaign

Herve Leger Spring 2011 Campaign

Beautiful model Olga Sherer is a vision of porcelain beauty immersed in the contrast of color and dark. Innovative photographer Camilla Akrans interweaves floral design and a classic ambience around the clothes. It works splendidly to compliment the new Herve Leger line. The antique French romantic aspect, specifically the ornate shapes, shift focus to the dress’s intricate structure and soft neutral colors. The charming dresses are inspired by the brand’s iconic bandage design, but make their own statement of sophistication withallusions of femininity because of the method of illumination.

Donna Karan Resort 2012 Campaign

Donna Karan Resort 2012 Campaign

A slinky red dress and crimson lips recreates Karlie Kloss’ image into a sexy temptress with moves of a feline. She is fiery in the resort 2012 campaign as the brand face, stealing attention for the curve hugging dress stylized with a plunging neckline and sheer cut-out panels. Three different model phases merging in one space physically highlights the range of seductive allure of the clothing line.

Hermès Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

Hermès Spring Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

Incredibly striking was Hermès 2011 ad campaign that set itself apart from other brands and ads. The theme was “When Tools Meet Inspiration” and was actualized by the arty effects of photography. Photographer Nick Knight crafts a dynamic and provocative photo shoot by manipulating shadows. The model Jacquelyn Jablonski’s svelte silhouette is treated with a cool overexposure effect to enhance the energetic color and motion blur for a creative edge. The crux of the ad is defined by the addition of the pictures of clothing tools like scissors. The model donned the label’s western inspired clothing line for the shoot.

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Campaign

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Campaign

The label’s creative head Marc Jacobs worked in collaboration with world-renowned fashion photographer Stephen Meisel to direct a classic story, touched with modern overtones, of cultured, sophisticated women decked stylishly and propped in lustrous vintage cars. Pedigree dogs accompanied the trendy accessories to reinforce its refined eminence. The rich textures of Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection are blindingly luxurious against the tasteful arrangement of opulence. Though flirtatious, the rich details illustrate the savoir-faire characteristic of Louis Vuitton.

The Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 campaign

The luxury of the Byzantine era was invoked in this spectacular ad that saw model Alejandra Alonsa transformed into a princess. Expertly photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, the ad remains true to Chanel’s signature of being classically minimalistic, but illuminated the elaborate richness magnifying her beauty. Adorned in the finest pieces from the Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 collection, shimmering brocades in jewel-tones and gem-encrusted jewelry vitalize the empress inspiration. The makeup was understated to allow her fashion to gleam except for the vivid garnet stripe across the eye crease for an Egyptian princess’s mystique.

The ad is magnificent with its subtle hints at edginess, and the warm light upon the young woman’s face emphasizes her regal splendor.

Mulberry Spring Summer 2012 Campaign

Another Mulberry campaign in line with the brand’s defining attributes; beautiful composition and imaginative scenery harmonized by whimsical strokes. Creative director Emma Hill relives fond memories of childhood beach trips with two models Frida Gustavsson and Lindsey Wixson on England’s Brighton Beach.

Photographer Tim Walker shot the models as they danced and conveyed exuberance around the oversized ice cream cones and other quirky multi-colored décor. Their natural, simple beauty in perfect cohesion. The electric mix of colors and candy delights in the relaxing beach scene illustrates the high spirits of spring.

The sprightly campaign is fitting of Mulberry image and complements the 2012 trend of pastel sportswear and layered nude.

Gucci Autumn/Winter 2011 Campaign

Gucci’s brilliant campaign was possible with the practiced skill of Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. They exercised the dimensions of shadow and concentrated light with equilibrium of color to illuminate the best aspects of the collection. In addition to intensifying the psychedelic, divine sense occupying the room. Model Abbey Lee is mesmerizing in the campaign: brandishing crimson lips, perfect golden hair and a come-hither expression. She sells a smooth and glamorous image with the high gloss styling Gucci is capable of.

Alexander McQueen fall 2011 ad campaign

Primped in designer Sarah Burton‘s intricate white finale dress, model Raquel Zimmermann struts rather stiffly across a rugged terrain. Behind her is dramatic explosive feeling of hope and loss in the merge of glowing light and dark swirling clouds. Zimmermann emanates the dramatic flair and artistic obscurity of McQueen’s fall campaign. The ad is very effective and forceful in its intentions. Heavy styling and extreme contrasting colors do not eclipse the beautiful new collection. Just creates a mood around the design.