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Perfume selection has become a complex affair. The aroma is not the only aspect of the perfume that entices consumers. There is also the imagery the perfume conjures, the brand or the star power associated with it. Perfume ads effectively convey perfume’s best attributes to the viewer in an imaginative style. Perfume ads that are capable of mesmerizing audiences with color and effects garner the most praise and sales. Ask any woman, they have at least one perfume advertisement they remember fondly.

Based on popular opinions, the following is a list of the most amazing perfume advertisement that has tempted the buyers of late.


1. L perfume

Gwen Stefani's 'L'perfume

Fans loved Gwen’s ad for her perfume €˜L wherein her free and spirited personality portrayed the character of the perfume. The typical water imagery was present, but only to demonstrate the weightlessness and freedom that the perfume signified. From sexy white to vibrant red. She plays flirty, then shifts to desirable, highlighting the feelings invoked by the perfume. Some fans have compared her look to Madonna from the ‘Cherish’ video and they would be right. Nevertheless, Gwen has infused her own persona into the advert and it increased its popularity. Everyone wants to have fun in the water like her. Throughout the ad in a breathy whisper was the tag line ‘I want you all over me’, from Stefani’s song ‘Crash’. It articulates the glamour and fascination emanating from the creator in her advert.

2. Chanel No. 5

Chanel No.5 perfume featuring Nicole Kidman,

A love story narrated in 3 minutes with all the beauty of a whole movie. The atmosphere that encourages romance, colors that speak of mood and camera effects that punctuates the intensity of the story line. Nicole Kidman is radiant as the heroine in love but tied to her job. She illustrates in looks and movement the subtle romantic beauty and elegance of the fragrance. A $42 million budget produced a compelling commercial that solidified the dramatic essence of Chanel No. 5 perfume to film. In final act, her amour sighs in voiceover about their precious fleeting moment: ‘Her kiss … Her smile … Her perfume’.

Chanel No. 5 is a celebration of the enchanting, beautiful women surrounded by luxury and wooed by love .

3. Miss Dior Chérie

Christian Dior's Miss Dior Chérie

An upbeat ad with playful connotations in a pastel setting and soft lighting. Model Maryna Linchuk prances around Paris, amusing herself in a girl’s dream. Brandishing a charming smile and a heightened feminine disposition, she helps the audience understand the perfume’s sentiments. As the song ‘Moi Je Joue’ by Brigitte Bardot plays in the background, the audience is taken on a pleasurable walk through Paris. Pretty hues of pink tell part of the tale of a cheerful girl cavorting in her choice of perfume alluding to her coquette persona, sweet and sensitive. ‘The charm of Dior in the bottle’, the ad personifies the slogan.

4. Gaultier Madame

Gaultier Madame

The magnetism of an edgy perfume can be created from the actions of an excited and fierce model. Agyness Deyn struts onto the stage in a show of female empowerment before stopping, commanding the crowd’s attention. A pair of scissors makes short work of her hair to a funkier cropped style. A carefree smile lets the world know she is changing into the person she feels inside. Rips apart her shirt and tears away her pant legs. Finally, the strong confident woman emerges in a free dance to take on the world and she can do as she likes. The scent of Madame Perfume represents such a woman and emboldens her with the power to do as she pleases.

5. YSL Parisienne

YSL Parisienne

Kate Moss is ravishing in this ad as she exhibits rather provocatively, the power of scent over our other senses. A seductive throbbing beat plays in the background; Kate has a faraway look in her eyes as her fingers unconsciously caress a pink rose. The lovely beauty is recalling a dimly lit room, herself writhing lasciviously on silken sheets as hands glide across her moist skin. Yes, the scent of the flower is like an aphrodisiac, reigniting the heat in her body from the passion she experienced the night before. Kate strokes, squeezes and nuzzles the flower as she relives the touch of her lover.

Tones of grey and blacks create the sultry ambiance, slight dedication to lighting and hints of color interject ardor into the scenes. The ad compares the scent of the flower to the fervor inducing scent of its perfume. The tagline ‘living and loving in the moment’ ends the ad with the feelings of the temptress.

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Consumers are inclined to ignore commercials unless they are eye-catching, colorful or feature a famous celebrity. Another reason is to laugh at the absurdity of a commercial and what they deem is the advertiser’s failings. Some commercials completely miss their intention of wooing consumers and instead encourage them to change channels. Some adverts are so bad that there is no question they do not belong on TV. The editing may be average; the advert may veer off point from the product, the characters are cheesy etc. There are numerous things that can go wrong with a commercial and it is due to lack of foresight on the part of the director or the person in charge.

Worst perfume commercials

Here is a list of advertisements that necessitate a ‘pathetic’ award to be given to the director.

‘Unbreakable’ Perfume Ad

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom  “Unbreakable”

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom released a unisex fragrance called ‘Unbreakable’ meant to symbolize their relationship. The ad featured the couple behaving rather intimately. In the commercial, Kardashian says, ‘There’s something sexy about a couple sharing a scent’, as she gropes her topless husband. They imagined viewers would construe their actions as being in love but their ‘love’ is hard to take seriously, when they are obviously trying too hard. Viewers repeatedly called their ad the cheesiest they have ever seen. Tacky, cringe worthy and soft core porn rebukes followed.

Lamar comes across as uncomfortable in his bare skin and in his interactions with his wife, Khloe doesn’t act any better, the impression she gives is that of a little girl playing in front of a camera. When she tries to pull off lovey dovey moves like blowing a kiss, it oozes false.

‘Soft yet powerful, strong but sensual’ none of the words are expressed as actions by the two ‘actors’. Moreover, their movements are nothing special to speak of hell they even repeated the whole back hug and head rub action twice in the ad. It is completely lacking in originality and style. Just what else can you expect from a couple? People says the celebs are using their romance and popularity to cash in.

‘Radiance’ Perfume Ad

‘Radiance’ Perfume Ad

A young star is avoiding the paparazzi? so what? The ad starts with the overdone celebrity escaping her own fame. The singer walks briskly until she stumbles upon a fortune teller storefront. She pushes aside the sparkly beaded door. Yes, apparently from all the shiny in the ad from her dress to the bead door, the viewers have to guess that it ties to her ‘Radiance’ perfume, meaning illuminated and sparkly. ‘Do you want me to tell you your future?’ the psychic asks, surprisingly not as mysterious but more model-looking than we would like. But then, everything has to have a glow!

Britney stares into the brilliant globe expressionlessly before getting up while the voiceover says, ‘No thanks. I choose my own destiny.’ Britney then stands on the smoke street and advises the viewer to choose their own destiny. Right, so how does it relate to the perfume? Tag lines have to be catchy and memorable to sell the perfume’s image and pierce its target audience. The ad barely connects to the image of the perfume, whose bottle is pretty. It just delivers a lot of cliches in a poor hackneyed idea. Topped with a meaningless, redundant tagline, the ad falls on its face. The neon fluorescent mist is the only thing connecting to the bottle.

€˜Truth Or Dare Perfume Ad

‘Truth Or Dare’ Perfume Ad

Madonna has resorted to recycling old music videos to maintain the idea she has a ‘youthful’ image. We see the 53 year old woman rolling around in her underwear on television and making those sexy faces that were once attractive on her younger self. Ewwww! She even touches herself dressed in salacious underwear.

A remixed version of her song ‘€˜Girl Gone Wild’ plays in the background and apparently, Madonna is acting the part quite forgetting that at her age, she can no longer be considered a girl. If seeing an elderly woman in a corset is not enough to gross viewers out, we are blinded by the horrible lighting and editing. Did they get a college dropout to be the director? Grainy black and white images interjected with sporadic white flashes and bad camera movements. Continuous haphazard shots of Madonna in different poses worsened by the double effect that subjects us to twice the horror of old age. And the color goes from black and white to darker and grey. It seems as if they took an old movie before the advent of color and modern technology and used it as a source base. Literally forgetting present day’s audience!

Reb’l Fleur Perfume Ad

Rihanna‘s Reb’l Fleur

Symbolism is a useful story telling tool to create a product’s identity. Sometimes ads tend to go overboard and produce something that feels like a glorified class play. In the case of Rihanna’€™s Reb’l Fleur Commercial, many fans grinded their teeth in distaste. Some believe the flapping pink feathers on her represents a uterus. Then there are those who believe she is channeling the aura of a flamingo. Either way, the fans shake their heads in wonder as they see their idol prance across the garden of a large estate in a skimpy gown. Then, a mirror stands before her leading to the dark realm. She enters where everything is black. Does she do anything different in her dark persona? Nope, the same supposedly sexy face is carried on to the dark realm, where she likes touching herself and looking into mirrors. Seriously, whoever directed this hated ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is enough to caricaturize the movie. Her eyes are then covered by two different men and since she is obviously not turned on enough by that. She has to rub two different perfume bottles against herself. Subsequently, the entire movie is reversed and Rihanna returns to her little feathery nest. Aside from playing up Rihanna’s good/bad identity crisis, it is supposed to entice fans to the dark side. Well, both sides appear relatively the same including the weird acting so fans do not bite!

HEAT€™ Perfume Ad

‘HEAT’ Perfume Ad

Beyonce is a sexy seductress with curves that are reminiscent of a Greek Goddess! And in her ad for her new perfume €˜HEAT€™, she shows off that salacious side of her, in the entire ad. Her temptress personality is the crux of the ad, the only side Beyonce fans know.

Amorous crimson drapes everything including the mist. A little monotonous, as some might see it. She stands up and begins walking down a hallway, touching herself. Burns a trail on the wall. Yes, she is hot, as if we didn’€™t understand that from her tantalizing body and seductive walk and sweat kissed cleavage! Dances against the wall, more body caresses. Evidently, she likes ‘appreciating’ her own body or staring in some soft core porn. Dances rather lazily as if the heat is frying her brain, to the song ‘Fever’, a raspy rendition that makes one think of a sore throat. More cleavage show, leggy advert with Beyonce’s dress slipping off, the ad ends with the tagline, ‘€˜Catch the Fever!€™’. Considering the things it made Beyonce do, fans will shy away from a possible affliction!