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Issey Miyake Makeup and Hair Secrets

Posted on: October 3, 2012


Issey Miyake’s spring and summer 2013 collection had an array of exuberant colors in graphic prints molded on loose silhouettes. The design concept was “vibrantly colored images of birds alighting . . . and flapping their wings,” according to the program. Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni derived inspiration from a facet of the collection–“bird feather in water”–to devise the makeup premise. It wasreported on Allure‘s website that the makeup artist wanted the models to look as if they had just emerged from the water to show off their beautiful outfits.

To achieve that watery radiance, she blended M.A.C. Platinum Pigment with a Water Based Mixing Medium to create a molten metallic liquid. A stroke of it on both eyelids gave the impression of reflected light, similar to sunrays hitting the surface of a pond. The models’ skin was prepped with M.A.C. Strobe Cream before being layered with foundation. On top of this, a clear lip balm was traced down the center of the models’ faces to evoke the trickle of water on skin as a person leaves the pool.

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