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The @Ant concept transforms from automotive to locomotive

Posted on: September 14, 2012

One of the innovations of the Beijing Motor Show was the @Ant concept, a car like you have never seen before. Everyone is familiar with trains, one of the most reliable public transportation. Well, the @Ant concept could probably one day compete with it. @Ant concept’s remarkable ability is possible with the help of specially designed automated telematics systems. The wheels are not only cool in design but they have an actual function too, which is pairing of the rear wheels and the front wheels of @Ant concept cars. Wheels linked in such a fashion make it easier to form a train system for the road.

Chery @Ant concept



In-built cloud systems in the cars share information, particularly the destination. An understanding is reached between the agreeable parties and they unite towards their common destination. If a car deems it necessary to stop in the middle of the journey, it can detach itself from the car train and move away, allowing the car behind it to reattach in its place and continue in the same manner. Maximum ten @Ants concept cars can be connected together for a singular journey. You have to appreciate the cars’ beauty. Its compact body exhibits sleek curves and a smooth outer casing with a glistening finish. The wheels are positioned appropriately to allow maximum utility.

High occupancy lanes usually shared by buses and trucks would be suitable for the succession of cars, whose close spacing reduces the highway footprint. No weaving in and out of lanes. A professional driver would be the designated leader to guide the rest of the cars.

Skeptics doubt this car as a viable idea, as there are many concerns. One such being the decision of the lead driver, who could be someone incapable of exerting efficient command over the rest of the cars as well as over questions about the car’s maneuverability on packed roads.



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