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Old Boeing 737 cockpit upgraded to amazing flight simulator

Posted on: September 14, 2012

Innovative people often choose garages as the birthplace for their ideas. Following many inventors and entrepreneurs, James Price of Pleasanton, US has built a functional flight simulator in his garage from the front section of a 1969 Boeing 737 aircraft. Many professionals have created homemade flight simulator replicas, but very few have wowed with their ingenuity. The one by Price, an Oakland air traffic controller and private pilot living in Fremont, is a sight to behold due to the level of effort he has invested in the project. Three years were expended on the project to ensure it offered a real life simulation.

Fantastic DIY Flight Simulator


James has been assembling full sized model cockpits since twenty years and the first model was constructed using wood in the spare room in his house. Eventually, he began to hunt for more authentic parts to give his models a real appearance. In 2000 he made a trip to the Oklahoma bone yard where he discovered the full nose of a retired 737. He immediately forked over $150,000 on the cockpit. He then gave it an authentic ambiance by making it fully equipped with all the essential parts. He installed genuine seats and flight instruments including a real weather system, in addition to three large projection screens to exhibit the outside world. James is excited that he can pretend to fly to any airport and enjoy terrain scenery from any place in the world.

He flies private planes but has not flown in a jet. With his renewed Boeing 737 he is fulfilling part of his dream. He is one of the rare people to rebuild an actual airplane but he is not satisfied with this achievement. James is interested in exploring limitless possibilities by making use of the latest airplane technologies.



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