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Foco amplifies the sound of your iPad

Posted on: September 14, 2012

The built-in iPad speaker can be loud, but not loud enough to entertain an outdoor party or when it is noisy. Moreover, the placement of the speaker directs the sound away from the user facing the screen so you fail to receive the full impact of your favorite music.




Though many solutions are available in the market but they are not as compact and simple as the FOCO. “FOCO” is the Spanish word for “Focus,” which explains the basis of its functioning. It uses simple physics to refocus the sound from the iPad’s rear speaker to the front. The sound waves are reflected in the body and redirected to the user’s face. You can enjoy louder and clearer sound in addition to hearing words that are otherwise distorted due to bad sound quality.

It is the good choice over wearing earphones or carrying around cumbersome portable speakers. Foco is fully compatible with the iPad and is shaped to blend well with the clean lines and smooth finish of the iPad’s body. Unlike some add-on tools, it does not block the screen and can be attached to a bare iPad or a covered one.

Portable for easy travel and no batteries or electricity or magnets are required to power the Foco. The gadget has been tested using pink noise, the best audio testing equipment. Manufacturers plan to use dense plastic and carefully formulated PU pad to construct the gadget. The special design of the Foco resembles curves of the iPad. The PU pad can stick to the corners of the speaker, securing Foco correctly. You can easily clear dirt from the PU pad with water and let it dry. Foco, a trendy gadget with glossy skin, is surely the best booster of sound.



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