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Axo Light’s Mind-Led collection focuses on aesthetic value of lighting

Posted on: September 13, 2012

Axo Light, a company dedicated to enriching high-class indoor design with an Italian panache, unveiled the Mind-led collection. A bridge between two of the company’s well-known ranges, its namesake decor range, Axo Light and the Lightecture range that is specific to the contract sector and large-scale projects. The Mind-led collection drew on inspiration from the history of philosophy and Italian humanism, in order to underscore the Italian creative muse responsible for the global project.


Axo Lite Mind-Led

Axo Lite Mind-Led

The Mind-led range showcases 13 ‘decorative’ and 12 ‘technical’ pieces from the 250 products. LED technology and photometric curves are integrated into the products whose beauty is enhanced by warm or natural light. Suitable for indoor and outdoor decor. The collection’s name Mind-led alludes to the technical and scientific attributes of the collection while its emotional part infuses it with a distinct appeal. Instilling an emotional facet into each product had made the company very successful. Commitment to the art of expression in a manner that stirs the human emotions.

The Mind-led range is a perfect blend of technical and literary features, emphasizing as well functional and sublime aesthetic sides. Moreover, no product is complete without ensuring it meets high performance standards. The collection’s technical portion is dedicated to exploring new and revolutionary shapes that bring new ideas to the LED lighting world.

Choice of designers was significant, only those who demonstrated zeal toward breaking new ground in the structural norms of designing while upholding the company’s ideals of creativity. Manuel Vivian was an apt selection as he had designed many of the prominent decorative pieces of the Axo Light collection and Lightecture ranges. Another great name is Lorenzo Truant, Art Director of Axo Light who has insightful knowledge on the company and its philosophy. Finally, talented Belgian designers, Serge and Robert Cornelissen, have awe-inspiring ideas that unify the technical and scientific elements of lighting, which is a fundamental segment of architecture. The collection benefited from their specialization in architectural lighting systems.



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