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Style Tips For Hourglass Body Shape

Posted on: September 12, 2012

The hour glass figure is the most admired by men and women of all the other body shapes. Curves present in the most womanly places define the shape. You are an hourglass if your shoulders and hips are the same circumference and your waist is well defined and comparatively smaller. You are also blessed with a lot of curves and a round bottom. Many women spend hours at the gym to get this shape.

Tinseltown Shapes

Tinseltown Shapes

The right clothes will flatter your curvaceous body; don’t drown your sexy shape in extra baggy clothes or wear clothes that may make you look trashy.

Avoid wearing baggy clothes, fitted clothes can do the trick.

Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis demonstrate the fashionable looks one can flash with their hour glass figure. Clothing choices matter greatly so be inspired to praise your body shape with the approved fashion tips.

Best Tops

First off, get a good lift for your outfit by wearing a good bra. Choose soft fabrics like knits and drapey silk blends to skim over your curves. Fabrics with a little stretch, including button down shirts or straight tunic types, will flow with your shape. Tops featuring the following necklines are ultra-special: V-necks, boat necks, open shirt collars, scoop necks, cowls and V-necked halters. Keep your tops relatively simple, but detailing like ruffles and pleating in the right places is acceptable. For example, pleating on the upper body and neckline.

You must love wrap tops and mock wraps for they tailor your midriff while halter style tops reveal a little skin which is good. Well-endowed women should avoid high necklines as they obscure your long neck.

Appearance is favorable when you layer you garments to create a ‘deep V’, to underline your waist. Or find tops with banding or nipping at the waist for the same effect. Your top’s length should fall to a point just below your hipbone or past your thighs.

Best Skirts

A-line skirts can be a choice too, with a fitted waist and apt fall.

Dress in pencil skirts for they cling to your figure tucking into your waist to highlight your curves. If you are short in stature, you can wear a shorter skirt with ¾ length or skirts reaching just below the knee. Skirts with a higher waistline or a slit will give you an illusion of a taller appearance. Avoid flared skirts as they tend to camouflage your curves, not the case with A-lined shaped skirts that have an appealing fall and fitted waist.

Best Pants

Sexy pants to look lean and thin

Thinking of pants, consider straight and bootcut shaped pants and jeans, particularly those that hug your hips. Skinny jeans and flat front trousers do wonders for an hourglass figure while flared jeans balance curvy hips. Select a pant with a dropped, low-slung waist or a hipster waistband that tricks your eyes into perceiving an extended waist. Your thin waistline receives attention instead of the fuller part of your hips. Stay away from side-seamed pockets and high waist pants, but go after cargos or flap pocket jeans and wide leg trousers.


Show it off in style

Dresses are stunning on Hourglass figures; most pleasing appearance wise are the bubble dress, fit and flair dress, curve hugging pencil skirt dress and wrap dresses. The highlight of the style is the clinched waist to display curves. All necklines are alright, but the exceptional ones are scoop, v-neck, or sweetheart. Empire waist dresses are not for your figure, they hide your waist. You can wear a shift dress provided you pick the right shape, color and accessories.


Sext outfit to stay fit

A dark color monochromatic outfit is perfect for your figure. Also, work to create an ensemble decorated with vertical imagery such as pleats, vertical prints etc. Leggings under long length tops prevent the perception of width on your legs and hips. Heels elongate your legs, especially if they are of the same color of your leggings. The flow of color streamlines your shape.

Suitable for an hourglass figure are well- fitted jackets, specifically tailored single breasted jackets cut with a defined V-necklines. Wear your jacket un-buttoned to create a line that is lengthening and slimming or the alternative, belted at the waist. For a harmonized look, pair shrunken jackets with skirts and dresses, and longer jackets with pants. A cardigan or jacket as an additional layer over a shirt is good for waist definition as is belting your shirt at the waist.



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