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Parade Bell skirts this summer

Posted on: September 12, 2012


Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton collection


For Fashionistas, flaunting a trendy summer style means selecting an ensemble that combines the fashionable aspects of the runaway. Bell shaped skirts are returning in fantastic patterns and spruced up designs to romanticize your summer outfit. The lovely skirt flares outward to resemble a bell in a lady-like aesthetic. They are perfect to infuse a subtle hint of girly touch in a classy outline to your attire.Thigh-length bell skirts are known for emphasizing the sashay of your hips. On the runway, designers are displaying sophisticated and playful artistic pieces that leave fashion lovers yearning to follow the trend.


Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton collection


The Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton collection featured an array of gorgeous bell shaped skirts that exuded style on the runway in Paris. Adorned in beautiful trimmings and colors, they stood out when paired with stylish handbags, flattering shoes and fashionably elegant blouses.


Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton collection


Marni Spring Summer 2012 collection was all about geometric cuts and minimal shapes. The designer’s bell skirts melded two different materials, finding a balance between the textures. Skirts are enhanced with raffia crochet embroidery, sequins and crystals for a hippie vibe. The addition of objects like plastic flowers and elaborate borders lend quirkiness to the pieces.


Alexander McQueen 2012 brand collection


Alexander McQueen brand’s collection for 2012 is stylishly draped in charm with bold, intense colored bell shaped skirts and sexily drenched in ruffles.

Seeing the array of voguish wear, surely you will want to traipse down the street in a mod styled bell shaped skirt.

Roony Mara


Alternatively, follow the style of celebrities like Keri Hillson, Rooney Mara and Reese Witherspoon who sauntered onto the red carpet in fabulous dresses that had a stylish bell-shaped skirt. The graceful fall of the skirt not only gave an extra accentuation to the womens’ attractive figures but launched them to new depths of trendy sophistication. The celebrities looked absolutely stunning in these beautiful dresses that highlighted the spring/ summer skirt trend.



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